DP Lenticular was founded in 2001 by Daniel Pierret, the current Managing Director. Formerly known as LPC-Europe, DPLenticular has more than 20 years experience in the lenticular market and has earned over the years its reputation as a trusted and leading provider of lenticular products in Europe. The company is headquartered in Ireland and has secured a unique position in a niche market. It offers customers in the graphic arts industry the highest quality Lenstar lenticular sheets as well as a reliable technical support and customized training services. DP Lenticular and Pacur are partners since 2001.

Pacur is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified custom sheet extruder located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which specializes in the extrusion of light and heavy gauge polyester, copolyester and polypropylene resins for a variety of applications.

LenstarPlus lenticular sheets made by Pacur
In 2002, Pacur and Eastman Chemical Company teamed up to produce Lenstar, a polyester resin developed specifically for the lenticular market.

2019: DP Lenticular and Pacur introduced 75 LPI Lenstar “eco”

It replaces DP Lenticular’s popular ECOLENS range and features 50% post industrial recycled resin. It is extruded to the same specification as 75 LPI Lenstar Plus ‘Lite’ and incorporates the same 406µ elliptical lens.

Pacur distributes its lenticular products in Europe and EMEA regions exclusively through DP Lenticular.

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