Lenticular Market

The increased interest in lenticular products in recent years has secured DP Lenticular’s position in a niche market. The company has identified two key market segments for its products:

  • Commercial offset printers
  • Digital printers
  • Flexo printers

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Customers are currently based all over Europe, with the strongest markets being Germany, Italy, France and Poland. The customer base ranges from small firms to international corporations.
The customer approach at DP Lenticular mainly rests on building relationships in the graphic arts industry. As a result, the company fosters a very strong connection with their customer base – printers who want quality and performance, creative marketing agencies who need innovative solutions, and a host of other users in the litho offset and digital printing industry. As lenticular printing has become more widely available, the need has grown to educate customers on the full range of lenticular products as well as printing processes and lenticular imaging. To this purpose, the company has now developed a thorough on-site training program, as well as continuous technical and commercial support.

For each new customer, DP Lenticular sets up an initial test to help operators adjust the pressure and print in the lenticules but also to make sure no further adjustment is needed on the presses. A two-day training is then organized on site.

It is also possible for a printer  to outsource the Lenticular prepress services so that the printer can concentrate on the printing side.

I want to order a small quantity