Lenticular Technology

Lenticular technology is a high resolution imaging process developed for the purpose of creating visual effects such as 3D, multiple changing graphics or animation.

lenticular technology
Lenticular print can be described as specially prepared – interlaced – graphics that are designed to work together perfectly with a lenticular lens to allow the viewer to see different images depending on his position. A lenticular image requires a lenticular sheet and at least two different frames. The lenticular plastic sheet has a smooth side while the other side is made of “lenticules”, which are optical devices allowing the visualization of the effects. Each lenticule acts as a magnifying glass to enlarge and display the portion of the image below, depending of the viewing angle.

With 16 different lens designs, the thickness and viewing angle of the lenticule differ greatly.  A narrow angle gives an optimal 3D effect, and a wide angle works best for an animation effect. The lenticules for animation effects may run vertically or horizontally. However, far better results, i.e. cleaner action and far less chances of ghosting are achieved in the horizontal direction. For larger, more static pieces such as a poster or POP display, the vertical direction is preferred since the viewer moves rather than the document itself.


lenticular technology


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